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released January 20, 2012

Christoph Crimson: vocals, guitar, synth, group drums, handclaps, LSDJ programming
Lizzie Cuevas: vocals, guitar, handclaps
Sam Decimus: group vocals, drums, percussion, handclaps
Matt Payne: vocals, electric pianos, synth, trombone, drums, percussion, handclaps, LSDJ programming

Engineered by Matt, Chris and Sam at CSUEB in California and Room With a VU in Milwaukee
Mixed by Dan Wool at Pray For Rain Studios




The Glowing Stars San Francisco, California

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Track Name: Mainframe
The sudden violent disruption of air molecules
in their regular circulatory patterns causes
a delicate dance when the well milled tree
meets with the plastic, carbon fiber or all-hyde
sheet stretched out on a hollowed out log or the
finely milled loop of many layers upon layers of
another tree's life, with the tiny machine bits
and the air inside dances wicked crazy all the while;
so the windshield wipers waving back and fourth
like t-rex arms at a football game
offer their wet salutations while you
make your way through the pouring rain
so you wont' be late to your own big game
where the men stand straight and the children blame you
for all their parents problems but the spindles and the bobbins carry
threads of reason to every tall man in the crowd.
Track Name: Nicholas D. Wolfwood
The Shivering takes me
I quake with no control
Mock my horrid empathy
My heart turns to coal.

If I seem cold, it's just the blood running down my back
If I seem cold, it's just because of the heart I lack

Venomous and Contagious
I seep through the floor
Sorry to be so fretless,
but I live for so much more

If I seem cold, it's just the blood running down my back
If I seem cold, it's just because of the heart I lack

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